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Sisters in real life, Donna and Cathy started out at their neighborhood street festival with a booth of "FREE ADVICE FOR A DOLLAR" and decided to make that a podcast in September 2018. Bringing Cathy’s daughter Sofia on as producer and engineer, the Sisters Are IN hung up their sign. On the journey to better health of mind, body, spirit; the weekly podcast shares stories, tackle scruples, chat with interesting guests and look for things that inspire; laughing all the while. Their tagline is “laughing about crappy situations since 1974” and their audience is anyone who likes to laugh and learn.

Cathy is a Master Oracle and  has been a professional psychic and emotional healer for over 20 years. Part of her mission is to support Light Workers in achieving their highest goals. Her experience includes: ordained minister, integral angel therapist, a popular psychic reader for Psychic Source, ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) certified mediator, NYS credentialed Peer Advocate, Boys Town certified instructor for Common Sense Parenting.  Cathy loves her two children Sofia and Donovan. Inspired by Donovan, she is an advocate for children with special needs. One of her specialties is working with indigo children. In 2015, she wrote and illustrated a children’s book The Healing Patch, a Child’s Guide to Happiness. In 2020, she created her first album Chak-Rave as DJ Hema-tite, an EDM dubstep project. Cathy is married to Henri,an ordained minister as well, who will contribute occasionally on Patreon and other projects.

Donna a practicing witch, storyteller, and truth speaker. A born rebel and Aquarian, she always sought out the underbelly and darker side of whatever culture she was experiencing. For over 25 years she worked for a not for profit theater in the Hudson Valley, this experience alone can tell a thousand tales. A casual writer her whole life, the Sisters Are IN has catapulted her hobby to the foreground and now is a freelance writer. Her most important full-time job is keeping Cathy's feet on planet earth as her "Astral Protector".




Sofia is their young voice and a talented computer savvy producer.  A young woman of so many projects, hobbies and career paths.  A certified life coach, she is currently working with women (and men) as a Confidence Coach (@sofieselfcare). A certified stylist, she is advocating for underrepresented women of color in the cosmetology education system as a founding member of Hairdressers Association of Inclusivity and Reform (HAIR). Most importantly, she is the mother of Niko, the heart and soul and scene stealer of The Sisters Are IN.


Photos of Donna and Cathy by Photomuse

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